Tiny house builders: How to choose one

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There are many tiny house builders and choosing one over the rest can be a pretty daunting process. However, if you know even a little bit about tiny house construction or have done enough research, finding the right builder for the job will be easy. Here are some tips for you to help in choosing the right tiny house builder.

Do your homework first

There are obvious things that you should know if you really want to own a tiny house. For example, you should know the various designs, the various materials used in construction and their costs, and how long it takes to build a tiny house on average. You should also have an estimated cost to build the design and size you have in mind and so on. This not only helps in to ask the right questions when talking to any builder but also makes them see you as a person who knows what he/she wants. In addition, look for tiny houses for sale in texas in case you missed something.

Again, if you are not confident enough, you can have a friend or a family member who knows or have had a tiny house built for them in the past with you as you approach the builders to guide you in asking the right questions.

Have a list of builders to compare

There are many tiny house builders, and this should work to your advantage. Get a list of them and then narrow the list down by comparing them in terms of how long they have been in the field and how many tiny houses they have built.

Again, can they build what you want? What’s their reputation? How much are they charging you? How long will they take to get the job done? Do they have other ongoing projects? If they do, how many because this can mean that your project won’t be prioritized or will be passed over to some newbie who won’t do a great job.

And, the best way to make this comparison is to have a face-to-face meet up, preferably at their current job site, with each of these builders and ask all these questions. This will also help you to take note of how easy it is to communicate with them because you will have a lot of communications going on throughout the project. Don’t ignore any early signs. If you don’t like anything about them just drop them as early as possible.

Background check

After narrowing your list down, now it’s time to do some background checks. You can do this easily through the local Consumer Protection Agency plus the local Better Business Bureau. The first step should be to ensure that they are registered with the two organizations and if not, just drop them. Next, ask about their litigation history and see if there are any complaints about them.

Collect estimates then bids

At this stage, you should have just a few builders remaining, and you should use their estimates to narrow your list further. At this point, be wary of too low estimates. Chances are they will surprise you with extra costs along the way, or use substandard materials/construction methods.

Next, have each of the remaining builders give you a formal bid including a list and prices of materials and labor.

Discuss the payment plans

See your area’s industry standard for payment schedule for new construction. Basically, you are supposed to pay a certain percentage of the total cost when signing the contract, several installments throughout the construction process, and the remaining after the final inspection.

If you notice that a builder is asking for too much money upfront, that can be a sign of poor business practice, and they might not do a good job.

Get the contract

Ask the remaining builders to draw you contracts and review them with your attorney. The contract should involve all the agreements before, during, and after the construction and you should go by the most favorable.

Make a final decision

At this point, you will have interacted with the builders long enough, and it will be easier to pick one. Think back and see how you feel about each of them then put each of the above considerations in mind then make a final decision.

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