How to choose a mattress for side sleepers?

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Side sleeping position is one of the most common sleeping styles among people since most of them feel comfortable sleeping by their sides. The challenge starts when it comes to getting the right mattress for their sleeping position because it is not as easy you may think. Different mattress suits different people with varied sleeping positions. The best mattress with quality features can be the best for side sleepers. It gives the comfort and maximum support as they turn side to side to get a restful night. There are few essential factors to consider when choosing mattresses for side sleepers and some of them are as follow;


The firmness of the mattress is the most attribute to keep in mind as a side sleeper. For sufficient support, the mattress must be able to contour the curves of your body. You should consider getting tender to moderate firmness scale. A soft mattress helps in relieving pressure from your neck and back. It will also allow your body to sink into the bed letting it contour to your body shape.


The best mattress should provide excellent support as you sleep. The support relieves pressure points and keeps your spinal cord, neck and back in line as support is very crucial to side sleepers. Soft mattresses can still provide enough support, but you need to look for a bed that contours to your body shape to meet your side sleeping needs. Buying a foam mattress can be advantageous for you as a side sleeper. The fact that side sleepers have different side sleeping position, support is the primary thing to ensure proper contour of their body throughout the night. You may even consider getting a folding mattress if you feel like it would make you get the best night’s rest.

Pelvic rotation

The rotation of the pelvic comes as a result of misalignment of the back muscles and lumbar spine. It happens when sleepers curl their legs up in opposition to the position of the upper body. For example, when you sleep with one leg reasonably straight and the other one bent, the upper body tends to rotate to a stomach sleeping position, leaving the lower body on the side. The continuous rotation of this kind can lead or even worsen lower back and neck pain. Therefore, it is essential to take precautions before you get into such trouble.

There are no perfect solutions to the pelvic rotation.  However, getting the best mattress with proper support and softness can help to the most significant percentage. It prevents you from sleep positions that cause pelvic rotation.  Besides, using a pillow between your legs and training to side sleep at an angle that keeps your spine in alignment can significantly help.

Pillow tops

Side sleepers need extra support as they tend to move from one side to another throughout the night. It is, therefore, necessary to consider getting a mattress with pillows. The pillows will provide the extra required support for a comfortable sleep. Getting a long enough foam pillow can help you cradle your head and neck. You can also place the cushion in between the legs if you are a side sleeper. In this case, the pillow limits the rotation of the pelvis and also helps to relieve the back pressure.


In summary, the best mattress for a side sleeper should be able to offer extra support. As you have seen, side sleepers tend to turn side by side over the night. The mattress and pillows should be supportive enough to limit pelvic rotation.  The material of the beddings and the pillow should allow proper breathing to improve the cooling effect. The above factors should be beneficial to you as a side sleeper, and you should always consider them before purchasing a mattress for side sleepers. With them in mind, you will be able to save yourself from preventable discomforts that come with the wrong choice of bedding.

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