Studies show that many people are not getting the proper vitamins and nutrients they need to battle the aging process.  While aging is inevitable – with the proper diet, exercise, and supplements you can live a longer healthier life, more youthful life!

Anti Aging Supplements That May Help You Turn Back The Clock:

  1. ACETYL L-CARNITINE -This anti aging brain nutrient helps prevent and increase brain receptors that would otherwise deteriorate with age.  Effects include enhanced cognitive ability and a lessening of depression.
  2. ALPHA LIPOIC ACID – Hailed as the most powerful antioxidant known to man – Alpha Lipoic Acid is about 400 times stronger than Vitamin-C and may be the most important antioxidant of all in protecting the brain from neurological decline seen with aging.
  3. ANTIOXIDANTS – The principal antioxidants – Vitamins A, C, and E, Selenium, and Beta-Carotene are all effective in helping prevent heart disease, cancer, stroke, and a variety of other diseases associated with aging.  Antioxidants prevent disease by destroying free radicals inside the body.
  4. BORON – Crucial for supporting bones – Boron protects against osteoporosis, while preserving joint health and cognitive function.
  5. CALCIUM – Essential for strong teeth and bones – To be effective calcium needs to be taken with ample doses of Vitamin-D and Magnesium.  NOTE: Calcium and Magnesium work together to prevent Osteoporosis.
  6. COENZYME Q10 – CoQ10 has numerous health benefits – Strengthens immune system, lowers blood pressure, prevents heart attacks, counters obesity, and slows aging.ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS – EFA’s are vital for the immune system, brain function, circulatory health, skin health, and anti aging benefits.  Omega-3 and Omega-6 have different effects – borage and evening primrose provide Omega-6, while fish oils provide Omega-3’s.
  7. DIGESTIVE ENZYMES – Our bodies produce natural enzymes.  When we’re young we have an abundant supply – as we age we produce less.  Many people think that taking digestive enzyme supplements are just for people with digestive problems – they are important for people of all ages, and they’re especially vital as we age.  Enzymes are natural energizers and essential for the breakdown and absorption of nutrients needed for health and longevity.
  8. DHEA – Is a natural hormone found in our body and produced by our adrenal glands.  As we age the levels decrease.  DHEA can help with chronic fatigue, impaired immunity, heart disease, senility, and sexual dysfunction.  DHEA is also known to lower the risk of cancer.
  9. PHOSPHATIDYL CHOLINE – The main component of lecithin and needed for proper mental function, phosphatidyl choline helps prevent heart disease, gallstones, and liver problems, and has been found to be beneficial for neurolgical problems, memory loss, and depression.


  1. RESVERATROL  – (rez-VER-a-trawl) – This red wine extract is beoming one of the most talked about longevity products on the market today.  Resveratrol is a powerful anti aging antioxidant which lowers bad (LDL) cholesterol and boosts your energy levels.
  2. SAMe – (Sammy) is being touted as an anti aging health-enhancing blockbuster.  SAMe maintains mitochondrial funtion (the power generator of our cells) and prevents DNA mutations.  In addition, SAMe protects the liver and heart and helps counteract depression.
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Herbs have been used for over 4,000 years to treat a wide variety of illnesses and ailments.  Herbs are plants NOT drugs that contain powerful antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.  Used for their culinary, cosmetic, medicinal, and anti aging purposes – herbs are shown to alleviate a host of age related conditions to maintain health, beauty, and longevity.

12 of the Most Popular Anti Aging Herbs:

  1. ASHWAGANDHA – Traditionally used in Indian Ayervedic medicine for it’s rejuvenation and longevity enhancers – Ashwagandha promotes physical and mental health, reducing inflammation, stress, and high cholesterol.  It’s also known to improves immune system and sexual enhancement.
  2. CHINESE WOLFBERRY aka GOJI BERRIES – Considered to be the worlds most nutritious fruits – goji berries are extremely high in antioxidants, and have 500 times more vitamin-C per ounce than orange juice. These berries enhance vision health, stimulate the immune system, and protect the liver.
  3. GINKGO BILOBA – High in antioxidants ginkgo biloba is shown to alleviate age related memory loss. Used commonly for treatment in early-stage Alzheimers disease by enhancing blood flow not only to the brain, but throughout the entire body.  Ginkgo’s other anti aging benefits include reducing stress, anxiety, and restoring energy.
  4. GINSENG – One of the most widely used herbal supplements – Ginseng is an energy tonic (but without the jitters), reduces fatigue, and both emotional and physical stress. In addition it enhances memory and strenghthens the immune system. Ginseng is also found in many natural herbal anti aging skin care products.
  5. GOTU KOLA – Used for centuries as a healing treatment, gotu kola is a nerve tonic which promotes relaxation and enhances memory.  Sometimes confused with kola nut – gotu kola is non stimulating and contains no caffeine.  It’s known for enhancing blood flow especially to the legs which helps in the prevention of varicose veins. It also helps the health of skin, hair, and nails and aids in many types of wound healing as well as eczema and psoriasis.
  6. GRAPE SEED EXTRACT – One of the most powerful antioxidants – this anti aging herb promotes brain, skin, and eye health.  It also helps improve cardiovascular health, improves mental health and prevents senility.  Grape seed extract is also used in cancer prevention.
  7. JIAOLGULAN (jow-goo-lawn) – Known as the “Immortality Herb” – jiaolgulan is one of the major *Adaptogens.  Jiaolgulan supports circulation and the immune system, lowers cholesterol and high blood pressure, modulates the nervous system, increases cardiac function, and normalizes cardiovascular and homonal systems.
  8. MACA – This powerful antioxidant and anti-carcinogen has a number of anti aging benefits.  Maca helps to regulate and maintain endocrine health. In addition, it enhances fertility, improves sexual function in both men and women and reduces hormonal dysfunction. It’s also been shown to enhance energy, endurance, and stamina
  9. RED CLOVER – Considered to be one of the richest sources of isoflavones (chemicals that act like estrogen) – red clover is used for menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats.  It improves blood circulation, lowers cholesterol, and helps to prevent osteoporosis.  This anti aging herb also aids in digestion, helps with respiratory ailments, and improves liver health.
  10. REISHI MUSHROOM – This mood elevating herbal supplement has anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-allergic, and antioxidant properties. In addition, reishi lowers blood pressure, strenghthens the immune system, and improves liver function.
  11. RHODIOLA ROSEA – This anti aging *Adaptogen enhances mental and physical performance while improving cognitive function and fatigue.  Rhodiola is well known for it’s anti stress related capabilities.  Many people are not aware that high stress living can cause chronic disease and premature aging.  Rhodiola is one of the best herbs you can take if you lead a high stress lifestyle.
  12. SCHIZANDRA -Known by Chinese women as a sexual enhancer (for both men and women) and youth  tonic.  Schizandra improves adrenal health and lung, liver, and kidney function. This herb is mildy calming and has pain alleviating properties. It also purifies the blood, sharpens the mind, and improves memory.

PLEASE NOTE:  When first using herbs, some people may experience some cleansing action of the body (such as nausea, diarrhea, head aches etc.) – This is a temporary detoxing process that takes place while the body is being restored to health.  If you have any health issues or concerns, it’s best to check with your doctor or holistic practitioner before starting any kind of home treatment.

*ADAPTOGENS – Natural plant products that increase energy and endurance, reduce stress levels, promotes greater mental alertness and has a balancing effect on body functions.

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