Human Growth Hormone Facts and History


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You are probably aware that human growth hormones are commonly referred to as “HGH” this is just an abbreviation so both terminology will be used. The HGH is what stimulates cell growth within the human body. This helps to repair cells, promote growth, and keep us feeling young. Where to get HGH for sale without scam?

The growth hormone is at its highest point during teenage puberty, hence why teenagers seem to grow up so quickly and their body grows much quicker than people in adult hood. The levels of the human growth hormone decline throughout our adult life which is what may cause you to look old, have problems like diabetes, depression, loss of energy, loss of muscle mass and other problem associated with aging.

HGH Products & Releasers

Human growth hormone enhancers are available in a variety of forms – hgh pills, hgh sprays and hgh injections. All of these hgh enhancers are natural. The most commonly preferred enhancer is the hgh pills. These are most effective and are non-invasive unlike the injections. The hgh sprays take longer for the enhancer to actually take effect.

If your wanting to start reviewing the products then go compare the Best HGH Releasers, otherwise you can continue reading about the advanced technical know how about the Human Growth Hormone.


What is Human Growth Hormone

HGH or Human Growth Hormone, also known by other names such as hGH, Growth Factor and Growth Hormone is produced by the anterior pituitary gland deep under the brain. This hormone is medically called Somatotrophin or somatotropin – the real HGH compound considered a master hormone that influences the secretion of other endocrinal hormones in the body.

It appears in all body tissues but significantly declines with age. There is also rGH or recombinant HGH that is pharmaceutically or synthetically produced HGH.

A bit of Human Growth Hormone History

In the late 50s, children suffering from stunted growth due to growth hormone deficiency were treated with HGH extracted from cadavers. They were regularly given HGH injections with successful treatment results. There’s just one problem.

Years down the road, some of those treated started to suffer from spongiform encephalitis or Creutazfeldt Jakob disease (CJD), more commonly known as Mad Cow disease.

What could have caused it? For some reason the US FDA concluded that the cause of CJD was the fact that the HGH substance had been extracted from the pituitary glands of dead people and promptly banned cadaver-based HGH over 20 years ago.

These days, kids diagnosed with pediatric HGH deficiency are administered with recombinant HGH. This is your pharmaceutically synthesized HGH commonly called rGH or recombinant GH. This is the type of HGH athletes use and by people who have been doctor-prescribed to get HGH injections.

Scientific research conclusively points that the most profound change inside our bodies as we grow is the progressive decline in the body’s ability to produce Human Growth Hormones or HGH. HGH injectibles like Genotropin, Genotropin, Humatrope, Intrepid, Norditropin, Nutropin, or Saizen are examples of prescription HGH injectables that you can find today.

But these HGH injectables require a doctor’s prescription to use. What you have in health stores and drugstores are simply HGH releasers in the form of powder, capsules, tablets and oral sprays that are formulated to induce your body’s natural capacity to produce more of the hormone.

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